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Leesha's Blog

    Services Temporarily Unavailable due to High Demand. You can email me to book my services, but readings cannot be done for another week or so.

    My Services:

    *Tarot Readings (usually combined with Empath Readings)

    *Empath Readings (usually combined with Tarot Readings)

    *Angel Readings

    *Pendulum Readings

    *Photo Readings

    *House Clearings

    *Aura Cleansings

    *Advice on Spellwork

    *Crystal Healing

    *Contacting Your Spirit Guides

    *Meditation Techniques

    *EFT techniques

    *Pranic Healing techniques

    My Qualifications:

    *Reading, studying the Tarot for 15 years

    *Taught Occult related subjects both online and offline

    *Psychic/Empathic abilities since a young age

    *Taught workshops and owned my own professional Crystal Healing Business

    How Does A Reading With Me Work?:

    I will first talk to you about what you are requesting a reading on - if it includes another person, I will ask for first names only, and date of births. Depending on the kind of reading you have asked for, I tend to take a few minutes to tune into my Spirit Guides and pull a few Tarot cards to see if I can connect to the situation. And whether I am in a live chat session with you, face to face, or over email, I will always, ALWAYS do a confirmation first. No confirmation, no charge. So if you've already paid me via Paypal, then I will return your money if I cannot make a connection with you or your situation.

    Once I feel a connection has been established, I will let you know what I have received about your situation. If you feel a strong connection has been made, then we will proceed with a full reading. A reading, on average, can take around one hour. If it's an email reading, you receive a detailed email on the cards pulled and the information received.

    What is the cost of the services?


    Readings can be given on any number of subjects. I charge $25USD per reading, whether it's Tarot or a Psychic reading. With a tarot reading, I do Celtic Cross Spread which is quite detailed. You can receive a General Reading which will give you an overview of your situation as a whole. If you have two questions, then two readings will apply. In that case, discounts are available. Two readings for two questions will cost: $45. Pendulum readings are also $25 for ten questions.

    House Clearings

    House clearings vary but start at $250USD as there is a lot of work involved. You will need to email me for details.

    Aura Cleansings

    Cost of an Aura Cleansing is $50USD. This cost includes a scheduled meditation for Aura Cleansing along with a document on how you can manage to clean and maintain your own Aura.

    Advice on Spellwork

    I have worked as a professional spellcaster with my partner, with great success. So why did we stop? Ethical reasons and burn out, mostly. So we do offer advice on spellwork, and this ranges form $100USD upwards depending on what you want. To give you an idea: I recently put a package together for a client on improving her chances of work. This included basic spellwork, intermediate spellwork, and then advanced spellwork, including Planetary Seals and Sigils - until the client experienced success. This was ongoing work and cost $300USD. Please note that this package contained unlimited email contact with us until the client experienced a successful outcome that she was happy with. We do NOT cast spells for people, so please do not ask. We will guide you through the process, but we will not cast spells for you. Nor do we provide our services for love spells to break people up, or to curse people.

    Crystal Healing

    I have run my own business as a Crystal Healer and also teach the subject. As this is usually a hands-on approach, the only way in which I can offer this online, is through a course, which is not yet fully finished. Please email me if interested and I'll put you on our waiting list.

    Contacting Your Spirit Guides/Meditation Techniques/EFT Techniques/Pranic Healing Techniques

    These are all short courses which I taught at community colleges and will soon be available in PDF format. Until such time, these services are unavailable as a one-on-one instruction.

    All you need to do is use the contact form and let me know you'd like a reading, and I'll let you know the email you address you need for Paypal. And at this stage, that is the only way I accept Payment.

    If you have any questions, drop me a line.

    Blessings, Leesha

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