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Q: Who are you?

A: Go to our About Us section to find out.

Q: Who owns the graphics?

A: Graphics are copyrighted to their respective owners. We make no claim to the graphics whatsoever, except for the banners and a few other graphics created specifically for www.magickalgraphics.com

Q: Can I send you graphics?

A: You sure can, but please do not rip them from other tag sites. Many tag sites have their own Terms of Use, which ask you not to rip their graphics and supply them to others.

Q: I'm a tag artist and would like to send you some graphics I've done.

A: Sure, go ahead. We welcome Artists and Tag artists!

Q: I'm a tag artist and noticed you're using some of my graphics. I only wish to be affiliated with a particular site and would like you to stop using my graphics.

A: We do respect all artistic ability and will remove the graphic/s if asked to do so nicely. There is absolutely no need to be rude about it. However, we are aware that some Tag Artists have become abusive in the past to some owners of other Tag sites, and we'll let you know up front that we won't tolerate abusive or offending emails. Ask us nicely and we'll gladly oblige!

Q: I'm an artist and noticed that you're using some of my graphics and would like you to stop.

A: We make every effort to track down artists, though sometimes the graphics come to us with no signature, so this makes it difficult. In many ways, sites like www.magickalgraphics.com and many others like it are providing free publicity for the artists when we display the images (when we can identify the artists that is) and would like you to consider this. Nor can it be proven that we make money solely from any one particular artists' images. However if you feel strongly about it, and would like us to remove the images, drop us a line and let us know who you are. We will remove the images as soon as we can.

To those artists who have a tendency to be rude: I don't care who you are, there is absolutely no need to be rude to me. Spare me the lecture on how sites like this are abusing artists and taking money from them. It seems many artists see it the other way. Some of you people have huge temper problems, which is not necessary (and you may need to get some help with those anger issues!), when all you have to do is state the problem and it will be fixed.

Q: Do you change or crop any of the graphics?

A: We may reduce the size of a picture, otherwise, no, we do not. We are sent many of the graphics and always ask for the artist signature or tag artist signature to remain intact. If you are an artist and you see that your image has been cropped, thus removing your signature, please contact us and we will be only too glad to add your name, including a link back to your site. If you are a tag artist and see us displaying an image without your name, let us know. We are only too glad to add your name to the picture.

Q: I've sent you an email and have not received a reply, why?

A: So sorry. Sometimes I'm just snowed under with work, and can only reply to emails weekly. Other times, it could be a technical glitch. I use a third party for our email form, but on the contact page, I have given my email address so you can contact me directly. Other than that, you may need to check your spam folder, as I may have replied and it never got to your inbox. I do respond to each and every email, though it is impossible for me to resend emails, as I do not keep any record of email addresses or emails sent to me. You will have to re-send if you haven't received a reply from me.

Q: You made mention on another page, that you will be offering courses soon. Where are they?

A: Unfortunately, they are slow coming, yes. As we used to run our own School, we have all the information on the hard drive, we just haven't had time to update it. My partner and I run several webpages, aside from also teaching, so we've been extremely busy. We are trying to catch up though. So keep your eyes open for any new developments!

Q: I sent you an email asking for a free Tarot Reading and never got a reply. How Rude!

A: *LOL* And how presumptuous of you to think I do free readings. I'm sorry, but I do believe that anyone who has a gift, has a right to charge for their gift. There is this toxic kind of thinking in the Pagan community that say if you have a spiritual gift, you should give it away for free. That's BS! Even the Shamans in ancient cultures charged one way or another for their gift. If you want a quality reading, then you will have to pay for it. And afterall, I keep my costs low.

Please let us know of any broken links by using the contact form. Thank you!


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