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We have endeavoured to track down the artists or photographers whose graphics we have used on these pages, but sometimes it's just not possible. No copyright violation is intended! In many instances, the signature on artwork is indecipherable, or simply untraceable.

However, we respect the rightful owners of the works in question, and if we are displaying one of your graphics and did not ask for permission, or you do not wish us to display the image, then please contact us. We will either add a copyright notice to your artwork (including a link to your webpage), or at your request, take it down, providing proof is provided. Please see our Report a Graphic Violation page to see how to do this.

Many of the graphics used are in the public domain or have no signature attached.

Magickalgraphics.com does not claim ownership or copyright to any graphics on these pages whatsoever, except for the banners and some other pieces of artwork created specifically for magickalgraphics.com. Other graphics pertaining to links, belong to the rightful owners of those links.

Magickalgraphics.com is not affiliated with Myspace or any other social networking site.



      If you would like to exchange links or become an affiliate, use the contact form to let us know. Please allow 10 working days for a reply. Thank you.


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